About Us

Budsnroses is committed to redefining the cannabis industry in Massachusetts

Our passion for cannabis translates through all areas of our company, from seed to sale. We strive to develop a premium range of flower, concentrates, and edibles that allow consumers to own their cannabis experience. This is accomplished through quality products and service, coupled with access to information, enabling empowered cannabis consumption.


We Truly Care About You

Our store is simultaneously a place for newbies to recreational cannabis, for medical patients, and for the cannabis connoisseur. No matter what brings you in, at Buds and Roses, we listen, and we care, and we never make you feel silly or dumb, just encouraged. We recognize that for many people, for many different reasons, cannabis is loaded with a ton of fear and societal baggage, and we do everything in our power to combat that – from our demeanor to our words to our recommendations – because we care about our customers.