Each strain of marijuana contains different types of cannabinoids with varying effects. Budsnroses offers several different strains of marijuana to accommodate the needs of every consumer.


The cannabis plant can be categorized as follows: indica, sativa, or hybrid. Each group is made up of a variety of strains, all with different cannabinoid profiles.

  1. Sativas are reported to increase energy and appetite while elevating the patient’s mood and focus. They are generally recommended for daytime use.
    • Effects: uplifting, energetic, cerebral, spacey, hallucinogenic
    • Appearance: tall with long, narrow leaves
    • Ailments: generally speaking, sativas are helpful for conditions such as depression and ADHD
  2. Ailments: generally speaking, sativas are helpful for conditions such as depression and ADHDIndicas are reported to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and enhance sleep. They are usually recommended for evening use.
    • Effects: sedating, calming, “couch lock”
    • Appearance: short with wide leaves
    • Ailments: generally speaking, indicas are best for physical ailments such as pain and inflammation
  3. Hybrids are produced when cultivators cross-breed indica and sativa strains. Hybrids may take after either parent or be a blend of both. The goal in creating hybrids is to create a strain with desirable characteristics from each parent.

    Hybrids are relatively common. When a strain is more characteristic of one species (indica or sativa), the strain is referred to as an indica-dominant or a sativa-dominant hybrid.

    Cross-breeding is useful for many different reasons:

    • Indicas, with a 6-8 week maturation time and a hardier stature are easier to cultivate; it is helpful to breed some of these characteristics into sativa strains
    • Indicas have the ability to “mellow out” a sativa strain that tends to cause paranoia
    • Sativas have the ability to decrease tiredness caused by an indica